A I S H A H   J A N
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F A S H I O N   S T U D E N T

I am currently studying BA Fashion at a university. I was born and raised in United Kingdom. I am a Muslim woman since the day I was born and I will continue to be (Insha'Allah). I am also hearing impaired in both ears. I want to INSPIRE everyone! I want to show that being  hearing impaired is not going to stop me from reaching my goal.
I adore fashion. I express myself through designing, sewing, illustrations, fashion photography, sketching and so much more. Insha'Allah, that I will become a successful fashion designer.
Photography and fashion illustrations are something that I do everyday. I enjoy going to new places and take professional photos for inspirations. I literally take ideas out of my mind onto my sketchbook.

I recently have worked with the following brands: